Examples of Our Work

Samples and examples!

It can be hard to describe exactly what we’re doing up there on your roof, so we have posted this helpful page to show you what is going on up there, and how our services can help protect your chimney as well as beautify your home.

All our chase covers and multi-flue caps are custom made in-house just for your chimney, and they all come with a lifetime warranty.

Chase cover: before and after. A chase cover is like a metal “shoebox lid” for your chimney. It protects your chimney from debris and animal entry as well as from water damage. The little “mushroom” in the middle is the end of the chimney flue, topped in this case with a single-flue cap.
Crownseal: before and after. The top of a masonry chimney is generally a big masonry slab called a “crown”. Over time, crowns can be damaged by rain and temperature changes, and become cracked and porous, allowing water into the chimney. A crownseal treatment seals up the cracks and provides a new smooth surface. Another alternative is to install a full size chimney cap or chase cover!



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Flashing: before and after. Flashing is a seal which prevents water sneaking in between two disparate surfaces, such as the joint between your roof and your chimney. Over time, flashing can crack or separate, allowing water into your chimney (or your house!).
Outside mount stainless steel cap: before and after. A single flue masonry chimney with no cap receives a custom-made stainless steel chimney cap. An outside mount cap fits over the top of the chimney like a shoebox lid and protects the entire chimney crown from the elements.
Single flue caps to full-size, multiflue cap: before and after. Single flue caps provide protection against animal and debris entry but they do not protect the masonry chimney crown against deterioration by weather. Full size caps protect the entire top of the chimney. Copper caps can provide a little extra elegance, but both copper and stainless steel caps come with a lifetime warranty.


A top mount chimney cap, and an example of window screens. A top mount cap mounts, as the name suggests, to the top of your chimney, bolting into the masonry crown. This cap has been powder coated; our stainless steel caps can be powder coated any color you like for a small additional charge. Window screens are used to screen off certain kinds of masonry chimneys which have large decorative holes designed into the sides. The screens prevent bird and animal entry.
prefab chimney P5010057    
A prefabricated chimney installed without a chase. The “dogleg” allows the pipe to penetrate the roof overhang between studs.
Please click here to see us installing a cricket on a chimney, and click here to see us installing a new chimney crown! There are more samples in the menu above, too!