Chimney Repair

We don’t just clean chimneys, we repair, construct and rebuild them, too! Barnhill Chimney Company provides a full repertoire of chimney repair options, including liners, caps, chase covers, dampers, masonry repair, tuckpointing and parging. Click here to see some examples of our work.

Our Chimney Repair Services

Chimney Relining

  • We use high quality flexible stainless steel liners
  • New HeatShield “Cerfractory” pour-in liners now available too!
  • Lifetime Warranty (requires annual cleanings as per manufacturer)
  • Improves safety of chimneys with damaged liners or no liner at all
  • Allows stoves and inserts to draft more efficiently
  • Guards furnace and water heater flues from condensation damage

    Chimney Caps

    • Prevent animal entry
    • Protect flue from rain
    • Act as a spark arrestor to prevent errant embers from landing on the roof
    • Prevent certain downdrafts
    • Single Flue, Multi-Flue, Custom Designs available
    • Stainless Steel or Copper
    • Lifetime Warranty

    Energy-Efficent Dampers

    • Operated by a easy to use pull chain
    • Seals off the top of the flue when not in use keeping the heat and AC in, and animals and debris out
    • Pays for itself with energy savings
    • Lifetime Warranty

    Custom Chase Covers

    • Used alongside single flue caps to protect your chimney
    • Can be used with prefabricated/factory built chimneys
    • Custom made to fit your chimney
    • Stainless Steel or Copper
    • Lifetime Warranty

    Crown RepaiR

    • Protect the “roof” of your masonry chimney from costly water damage
    • Permanently flexible sealant resists cracking
    • 10 year warranty
    • Environmentally friendly products used
    • Masonry Waterproofing

    • Prevents masonry from soaking in moisture while still allowing it to naturally “breathe”
    • Prevents mortar joint and brick deterioration
    • 10 Year Warranty
    • Environmentally friendly products used

    Flashing REpair

    A flexible compound is applied to the existing flashing to form a watertight seal between your roof and your chimney

    • Stops leaks around chimneys and other vents
    • 7 year warranty
    • We also install new copper flashing

    Tuck Pointing

    Replace damaged / separated mortar joints on the chimney or in the firebox

    • Adds structural integrity to your chimney and firebox
    • Old mortar joints are removed and filled with new mortar
    • Heat resistant mortar is used in firebox applications


    Fills gaps and holes in the smoke chamber, the portion of your chimney between the damper and the first flue tile, with heat resistant mortar

    • Prevents creosote from collecting in places it can not be cleaned
    • Reduces air turbulence inside the chimney, effectively cutting down on creosote buildup
    • Greatly enhances safety of masonry fireplaces

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    Kyle C.

    "This was our first experience using a Chimney sweeping company and Blake did a fantastic job. They will show you what the inside of your Chimney looks like, and make recommendations on repairs that can be done in the inside and out.

    Dorothy M.


    "Did a great job on our chimney! Very professional and courteous. Nice young men."


    Wendy K

    "Though James Tabor was the bearer of bad news...there are several issues with our chimney that make it unsafe to use...he was kind and professional. He did a great job on the sweep and used a cool camera to show the dangerous aspects of our chimney."