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Chimney Repair in Lexington, KY

Chimney Masonry Repair Services

At Barnhill Chimney, we understand the importance of maintaining a safe and functional chimney for your home. With years of experience and expertise in the field, our chimney sweep company offer comprehensive chimney masonry repair services tailored to meet your specific needs. We provide a full repertoire of options for chimney repair in Lexington, KY, and surrounding communities, including liners, caps, chase covers, dampers, masonry repair, tuckpointing and parging. Our expert staff can also assist with your chimney sweep and inspection needs. 

We can help with anything you need to bring your chimney back to working order!

Chimney Relining

A smart and economical option to restore your chimney’s flue

Yes! HeatShield is a specifically formulated sealant that restores the integrity of your chimney’s flue to vent hazardous flue gases from your home. It elimnates the dangers in your chimney caused by gaps, cracks, and spalling for years to come.  

To restore your chimney’s flue, a custom made foam applicator plug is placed at the bottom of the flue and attached to a winch on top the chimney. The, a “tie coat” material is applied to the flue walls as the plug is pulled upward by the winch.  The tie coat cleans any remaining dust and acts as a primer for the Heatshield. After the tie coat dries, the Heatshield material is then applied onto the flue. 

Chimney Cap & Chase Cover Replacement

An important investment to protect your home

A good chimney cap or chase cover will protect the flue from water entry as well as from animal and debris. It can help improve draft by reducing the effect of wind at the top of chimney/chase. An outside mount cap covers the entire top of the chimney/chase including the masonry crown and protects the masonry structure of the chimney as well as the flue area from water entry. 

  • *All of our caps and chase covers are Barnhill Supply custom made according to the exact measurements of your chimney. 
  • *Our caps cover the ENTIRE chimney crown
  • *Are made with either 24-gauge stainless steel or 10- ounce copper
  • *Come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY

Chimney Parging

A smooth smoke chamber can help prevent dangerous creosote buildup

The smoke chamber is the area directly above your fireplace damper. It is the passageway that funnels smoke from the firebox into your chimney liner. Often, this area is left unfinished, with raw bricks and masonry. 


This is less than optimal for three reason:

Building materials can be located just on the other side of the brick, which is a potential fire hazard. A layer of high temperature mortar helps prevents heat from transferring through the bricks. 

Creosote can collect in the crevices in the raw masonry such that it cannot be removed by mechanical means. This unsweepable creosote can ignite and easily start a chimney fire. 

A smooth smoke chamber transitions improves the flow through the entire chimney system, resulting in easier fire start-up. A faster draft decreases the amount of creosote buildup, decreases the chance of chimney fire and reduces smoke spillage into the living space. 

Parging fills gaps and holes in the holes in the smoke chamber- the portion of your chimney between the damper and the first flue tile-with heat resistant mortar. 

Chimney Rebuild

We can restore your chimney and ensure safety and longevity

A chimney rebuild involves the complete or partial reconstruction or replacement of a chimney structure that has been damaged, deteriorated, or deemed unsafe. This process typically includes dismantling the existing chimney, repairing or replacing damaged components such as bricks, mortar, or flue liners, and rebuilding the chimney to meet safety and structural standards. A chimney rebuild may be necessary due to issues such as crumbling masonry, water damage, structural instability, or the presence of cracks or gaps that compromise the chimney’s integrity. It is often performed by skilled professionals with expertise in chimney construction and restoration to ensure that the rebuilt chimney is safe, functional, and able to withstand the elements for years to come.

Chimney Waterproofing

We can help waterproof your chimney so your house is protected.

PPK has been manufactured since 1987. It is a suspended silicone spray that has successfully been applied to chimneys to protect against water intrusion. Professional Water Sealant is an inorganic sealant that bond naturally to a variety of surfaces. Once applied, it creates a long lasting, invisible barrier preventing damage caused by moisture.  

  • *Transparent. Dries to a clear flat finish.
  • *Quick Drying. Starts to cure within 2 hours.
  • *Durable. Because silicone rubber is inorganic, there is no deterioration from ultraviolet rays or rain.
  • *400% Elongation. Expands and contracts with building movements and temperature extremes. 
  • *Breathable. Allows moisture vapor to escape while prohibiting liquid penetrations. Prohibits freeze/thaw damage. 

Chimney Flashing Repair & Replacement

We can help ensure the connection between your chimney and roof is watertight.

Flashing is the sheet metal that keeps the intersection between the chimney and roof watertight. It comes in different types, depending on the design of the chimney and homeowner preference, but it is generally made of overlapping metal “shingles” held on a sealed with caulk. These shingles for a two-layer “skirt” around the base of the chimney, so there is no joint where water can leak in.


If required, crickets are installed at the same time as new flashing. National Fire Protection Code 211 states that chimneys wider than 30″ on their up- roof sides should have crickets installed. 

Yes! We are pleased to offer Aluminum as well as Copper flashing. Your technician will gladly explain the difference between flashing materials at time of inspection. 

Chimney Crown Repair & Replacement

Secure your chimney’s future: Restore with a Crown Repair

The chimney crown, sometimes called a chimney wash, is a sizable slab that encloses the upper opening of the chimney. Differing from a chimney cap, typically crafted from metal and designed to cover solely the flue opening, the chimney crown spans the entire chimney top.

This process adds a restorative layer of concrete approximately 2-3” thick to the top of your chimney crown, producing an attractively curved, smooth new crown which sheds water and protects the top of your chimney.

"After my chimney was damaged due to a storm, I called Barnhill chimney. They came out and gave me the estimate (pricing is reasonable) and photos along with answering all my questions thereby putting me at ease. They came out and completed the job in 1 day and cleaned up all the broken bricks (chimney column on roof alone was 15ft high) in my yard. I am beyond satisfied with Barnhill chimney and their crew. Every one from their company including the women who scheduled me, are so ACCOMMODATING & CUSTOMER FRIENDLY. I will only use Barnhill chimney for all my chimney needs. THANK YOU GUYS for being such a outstanding company and for putting your customers first." Cynthia L.

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