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Masonry Repair

Kentucky’s infamous, heavy winter rains and multiple freeze-thaw cycles can deteriorate chimneys and result in leaks that damage your roof and even home interiors.

Our team doesn’t just clean chimneys. If needed, we repair, construct and rebuild them, too! We provide a full repertoire of chimney repair options, including liners, caps, chase covers, dampers, masonry repair, tuckpointing and parging.

We can help with anything you need to bring your chimney back to working order!

  • • Water Proofing
  • • Tuck Pointing and Masonry
  • • Crown Repair
  • • Chimney Relining
  • • Flashing Repair
  • • Chimney Caps
  • • Parging

“This was our first experience using a Chimney sweeping company and Blake did a fantastic job. They will show you what the inside of your Chimney looks like, and make recommendations on repairs that can be done in the inside and out.”
-Kyle C.