Custom Chimney Chase Covers

Prefabricated (pipe) chimneys which are enclosed by a wooden or masonry chase need a chase cover to close off the top of the chase and exclude water and animals from the inside of the chimney. The chase cover slides down over the top of the chase much like the lid of a shoebox.

The pipe chimney itself protrudes through a hole in the chase cover. This hole is surrounded by a vertical collar, which forms a lip that prevents water from just falling through the hole. The joint between the pipe and the cover is covered with a storm collar, a circular piece of metal which forms a sort of umbrella over the bit of the hole extending around the chimney pipe.

Barnhill Chimney custom manufactures chase covers in 16oz copper and in 24g stainless steel (or higher). These materials cost more than traditional galvanized covers, but they will not rust, and our chase covers come with a lifetime warranty.

Our chase covers come standard with crossbreaks, two folds from corner to corner which make the cover slightly convex in the middle, encouraging water to run off the sides. The skirts are usually 3″ long but can be made longer or shorter to accommodate masonry corbels or to disguise rust stains or damaged masonry. The skirts end in 1/2″ kickers, ridges of metal bent at 45 degrees away from the skirt to help deflect water away from the sides of the chase.

Chase Covers and Single Flue Chimney Caps

The chase cover does not protect the end of the chimney pipe — it only seals off the end of the chase. The chimney pipe itself is covered with a single flue chimney cap, usually made by the same manufacturer as the pipe. The cap must be UL listed to work with the chimney pipe. We use a prefabricated cap which is UL listed to work with any pipe.

The single flue cap does not always need to be replaced at the same time as the chase cover. If we replace your chase cover, we will re-use your current cap if at all possible.

Painting/Powder Coating Chase Covers

Our stainless steel chase covers (of all sizes) can be painted (powder coated) in almost any color to match trim, or just for personal preference. Common colors include brown, black, white, or “copper patina” to resemble weathered copper.

Chase Covers vs. Multi-Flue Chimney Caps

Prefabricated chimneys do not have a chimney crown (a flat spread of masonry) across the top — they are topped with a horizontal chase cover. Masonry chimneys, unlike prefabricated chimneys, are made entirely of bricks or stone held together with mortar. They are designed to be covered with single or multi-flue chimney caps. Barnhill Chimney makes those too!